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SeaWorld - 2002 to 2003

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The total viewing time of this DVD is approx 1 hour 31 mins and on the disc you will find the following shows:

Key West Dolphin Fest (2002) (Watch Here)
The Shamu Adventure (2002) (Watch Here)
Shamu's Splash Zone (2002) (Watch Here)
Shamu's Christmas (2003) (Watch Here)
SeaWorld's Christmas Firework Show (2003) (Watch Here)

Key West Dolphin Fest - Join Orlando & Starbuck, SeaWorlds dolphins who know a thing or two about entertaining the crowds, as well as a few tricks to play on their trainers.

The Shamu Adventure - Shamu stars in this fast moving show where one thing is guaranteed, if you are in the soak zone you will get wet.

Shamu's Splash Zone - This is not a show but instead a collage of scenes I've cut from various recording featuring Shamu, whether it be tricks are crowd soakers this 17 minute compilation removes the video voice overs and gives you 100% Shamu action - includes footage from Shamu Rocks America - sadly I did not get the full show due to an unreliable battery that evening in case you are wondering why it doesn't feature on the DVD.

Shamu's Christmas - A night time adventure set to classic Christmas music - probably the easiest show I've been able to record as all the guess work for where Shamu would appear from the water was removed thanks to the two huge spot lights which moves across the water.

SeaWorld's Christmas Firework Show - Not quite to the scale of a Disney firework display but this was a nice short display to end a December day at SeaWorld. As you would expect for a Christmas firework show, the fireworks are set to against a Christmas music background.
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