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Spring (Incl Mardi Gras) - 2013

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The total viewing time of this DVD is approx 3h 12 mins and on the disc you will find the following shows:

Mardi Gras Parade (Early Start) - Universal Studios (Watch Here)
Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue - Universal Studios (Watch Here)
Hogwarts Frog Choir - Islands Of Adventure (Watch Here)
Tri-Wizard Challenge - Islands Of Adventure (Watch Here)
Iceploration - Busch Gardens (Watch Here)
Let's Dance, Burn The Floor - Busch Gardens (Watch Here)
Voyage Of The Little Mermaid - Hollywood Studios (Watch Here)
Countdown To Fun Parade - Hollywood Studios (Watch Here)
Disney Channel Rocks - Hollywood Studios (Watch Here)
Main Street Trolley Show - The Magic Kingdom (Watch Here)
Easter Pre-Parade - The Magic Kingdom (Watch Here)
Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade - The Magic Kingdom (Watch Here)
Main Street Electrical Parade - The Magic Kingdom (Watch Here)
Mardi Gras Parade (Late Start) - Universal Studios (Watch Here)

Mardi Gras Parade - The DVD features two edits of the Mardi Gras parade. The first recording is when there is an early start but the second I prefer as with the later start the sky is darker which brings out the Mardi Gras lights better on the floats.

Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue - Rock n Roll like you've never seen it before. There's the Wolfman, Dracula, Frankenstein, bride of Frankenstein and Beetlejuice's own backup girls, Hip n Hop. This live concert features some amazing hits as well as some good one liners.

Hogwarts Frog Choir - Join the famous Hogwarts frog Choir as they perform a number of songs for guests waiting to get inside the castle gates.

Tri-Wizard Spirit Rally -  How can I describe this show, it's not so much a show as a demonstration of skill between two teams competing in the Tri-Wizard Cup. Part of the new Hogwarts section over in Islands Of Adventure.

Iceploration - Featuring world-class skaters, larger-than-life puppets, amazing costumes, original music and even animal stars this show tells the story of Austin, who believes technology keeps his pre-teen generation connected more than ever, and his grandfather – and old-world explorer – who encourages him to put down the smartphone and “explore the world".

Let's Dance - Burn The Floor - Professional dancers from around the world swing their hips to music from all over the world. If you love Strictly you'll love this.

Voyage Of The Little Mermaid - A mixture of live action, puppetry and animation combined to tell the story of the Little Mermaid in under 15 minutes. This show has been performing every 20 minutes during park hours for as far back as I can remember, almost 20 years, and it still packs in the guests each time.

Countdown To Fun Parade - It was new for 2011 and yet retired in 2013, this parade features all your favourite Pixar characters from Toy Story, The Incredibles, Up, A Bugs Life, Monsters Inc & Ratatouille.

Disney Channel Rocks - Live concert show at the studios with songs performed from Disney Channel hit movies such as Camp Rock, Cheetah Girls & High School Musical.

Main Street Trolley Show -  This is a short song and dance show performed along Main Street USA where the performers arrive on the Main St trolley and then dance around it.

Easter Pre-Parade Show - During the days leading up to Easter this short pre-parade was performed ahead of the Celebrate A Dream Come True parade and features Easter & Spring themed characters.

Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade - As with all Magic Kingdom parades the parade consists of numerous musical and colourful floats with your favourite Disney characters on board. Personally I preferred the 2008 parade as this one is just too short considering how long you have to wait to get a front row view but each to their own. 

Main Street Electrical Parade -  
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