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Summer Vol 2 (SeaWorld & Busch Gardens) - 2012

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The total viewing time of this DVD is approx 3 hours 12 minutes and on the disc you will find the following shows:

Iceploration - Busch Gardens (Watch Here)
Castaway Critters - Busch Gardens (Watch Here)
Dance To The Music - Busch Gardens (Watch Here)
Let's Get Loud - Busch Gardens (Watch Here)
Blue Horizons - SeaWorld (Watch Here)
Sea Lions Tonight - SeaWorld  (Watch Here)
One Ocean - SeaWorld (Watch Here)
Shamu Rocks - SeaWorld (Watch Here)

Iceploration - Featuring world-class skaters, larger-than-life puppets, amazing costumes, original music and even animal stars this show tells the story of Austin, who believes technology keeps his pre-teen generation connected more than ever, and his grandfather – and old-world explorer – who encourages him to put down the smartphone and “explore the world".

Castaway Critters - Featuring and endless cast of animals of all sizes, watch then help a couple of stranded tourists escape the island hideaway.

Dance To The Music - Performers sing and dance to classic songs from the 70's & 80's.

Let's Get Loud - “Let’s Get Loud,” a Miami Dance Party will feature music and dance infused with Hispanic heat from well-known artists like Gloria Estefan, Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin.

Blue Horizons - A great show featuring the dolphins of SeaWorld along with a cast of divers and performers and a few feathered guests along the way.

Sea Lions Tonight - Join Clyde & Seamore as they re-enact all the shows from the SeaWorld park in this hilarious send up to the SeaWorld shows - if you notice some camera jitter it was because I was laughing so much.

One Ocean - The new show at SeaWorld featuring Shamu and friends not to mention a few new tricks but as always, not forgetting the soak zone segment.

Shamu Rocks - Join Shamu and family as they dance the night away to some excellent Rock Music tunes - a great colourful show to end a long day in the park.
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