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Summer Vol 1 (Walt Disney World) - 2012

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The total viewing time of this DVD is approx 2h 54 mins and on the disc you will find the following shows:

Magic Kingdom Opening Ceremony - The Magic Kingdom (Watch Here)
Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It Street Party - The Magic Kingdom (Watch Here)
Voyage Of The Little Mermaid - Disney's Hollywood Studios (Watch Here)
Disney Channel Rocks - Disney's Hollywood Studios (Watch Here)
Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade - The Magic Kingdom (Watch Here)
Catastrophe Canyon - Disney's Hollywood Studios (Watch Here)
Festival Of The Lion King - The Animal Kingdom (Watch Here)
Finding Nemo The Musical - Disney's Animal Kingdom (Watch Here)
Dream Along With Mickey - The Magic Kingdom (Watch Here)
Flights of Wonder - Disney's Animal Kingdom (Watch Here)

Opening Ceremony - Join the Disney characters as they officially open the Magic Kingdom to guests each morning.

Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It Street Party - A rather unique performance which plays all around the area in front of the castle. 5 floats are positioned in the circle around the castle, each filled with Disney characters and dancers as they all mix with the guests for the ultimate street party. Whereas if you were watching it in the park you would only see parts of the performance as it's impossible to see everything from a single location, this version takes footage recorded at 4 locations edited into a single mix so you get a feel for all that is going on.

Voyage Of The Little Mermaid - A mixture of live action, puppetry and animation combined to tell the story of the Little Mermaid in under 15 minutes. This show has been performing every 20 minutes during park hours for as far back as I can remember, almost 20 years, and it still packs in the guests each time.

Disney Channel Rocks - Concert show at the studios with songs performed from Disney Channel hit movies such as Camp Rock, Cheetah Girls & High School Musical.

Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade - This is the current Magic Kingdom afternoon parade filmed in July 2010.  As with all Magic Kingdom parades the parade consists of numerous musical and colourful floats with your favourite Disney characters on board. Personally I preferred the 2008 parade as this one is just too short considering how long you have to wait to get a front row view but each to their own.

Catastrophe Canyon - Journey onto a live set in the middle of a canyon stunt recording.

Festival Of The Lion King - Join your favourite characters from the Lion King movie and dance and sing away to the classic songs from the movie in this spectacular show. See the monkeys swing from beam to beam, the birds fly through the air and the warriors dance with fire.

Finding Nemo - The Musical - If you've seen the animated film you'll love this live action version as Disney bring Finding Nemo to the stage. An excellent cast combined with excellent songs make this a must see for any Disney trip. Filmed from two locations and edited together to ensure you miss none of the action.

Dream Along With Mickey - Join Mickey & The Gang as they fight the Disney Villains using the power of dreams in the Cinderella's Castle forecourt stage show. Filmed from three locations and edited together to ensure you miss none of the action.

Flights Of Wonder - As the name suggests, this Animal Kingdom show features a wide variety of winged entertainers. A great educational show which gives guests more information relating to the birds featured in the show.
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