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Summer Vol 2 (SeaWorld) - 2010

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The total viewing time of this DVD is approx 2 hours 45 minutes and on the disc you will find the following shows:

Blue Horizons - (Watch Here)
Clyde & Seamore Take Pirate Island (Watch Here)
Believe (Watch Here)
Pets Ahoy (Watch Here)
Allure - The Call Of The Ocean (Watch Here)
SeaLions Tonight (Watch Here)
Shamu Rocks (Watch Here)
Reflections (Watch Here)
Blue Horizons - A great show featuring the dolphins of SeaWorld along with a cast of divers and performers and a few feathered guests along the way.

Clyde & Seamore - Comic capers with the SeaWorld resident sea lions, Clyde & Seamore, as they help take on the pirate and help find the lost treasure of Pirate Island.

Believe - SeaWorld wouldn't be SeaWorld without Shamu and Believe is the show where Shamu gets to soak all those guests who were foolish enough to sit in the lower level of the stadium. A great soundtrack and excellent show all round. Filmed from two locations and edited together to ensure you miss none of the action.

Pets Ahoy - SeaWorld isn't just about sea animals, it also has a show featuring your household pets such as cats, dogs and birds who show they are just as clever as any whale or dolphin ever could be. Please Note: There is some camera shake towards the middle of this show caused by someone standing up in front of me to take a photo - It only lasts a few seconds though.

Allure - The Call of the Ocean - This show uses an underwater location as the theme for the show but with new acrobatic performances to amaze the viewers. A fisherman falls into the ocean and enters an underwater realm where he helps a young girl defeat an evil sea queen in order to claim her rightful place on the throne - or at least that's my take on the show.

SeaLions Tonight - Join Clyde & Seamore as they re-enact all the shows from the SeaWorld park in this hilarious send up to the SeaWorld shows - if you notice some camera jitter it was because I was laughing so much.

Shamu Rocks - Join Shamu and family as they dance the night away to some excellent Rock Music tunes - a great colourful show to end a long day in the park.

Reflections - I'd be lying if I said this firework show was on the sale scale as the Disney ones as it's not but it's still a nice show set on the waterfront so in addition to the fireworks being set off to familiar SeaWorld show tunes, you also get a nice colourful water display to go along with it, similar to that seen in Fantasmic over at Hollywood Studios.  
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