Busch Gardens - 2003 to 2006 - Theme Park Shows

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Busch Gardens - 2003 to 2006

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The total viewing time of this DVD is approx 2h 23 mins and on the disc you will find the following shows:

Jammin (2003) (Watch Here)
Rockin At The Grill (2004) (Watch Here)
The Mirage Canteen (2006) (Watch Here)
Moroccan Roll (2004) (Watch Here)
International Celebration (2003) (Watch Here)
Christmas Celebration (2006) (Watch Here)

Busch Gardens has 3 main show areas, each unique in itself. The Moroccan Palace Theatre hosts the best shows in the park but sadly video recording is not permitted so you won't find any of the shows performed in that location on my DVD's as I only record those where viewing is permitted. The Marrakesh Theatre is a small outdoor performance area which has performed several shows over the past few years including Moroccan Roll & The Mirage Canteen which are both featured on this DVD. The third and final performance area is inside the Desert Grill which is one of the main dining areas in the park - as nice as it is to be entertained whilst you eat, the seating arrangement and acoustic echoes make this an unlikely venue for shows although they have put on some good ones over the years - it's a shame the audio suffers in some of the recordings as a result of the accoustics.

Jammin - Am unusual show compared to the others contained on the DVD. Performed inside the Desert Grill, Jammin features a group of musicians who literally 'jam' for around 25 minutes. To liven up the show they add a few theatrics to the performance.

Rockin' At The Grill - Take a trip down memory lane with songs from the 60's, 70' & 80's in this fast paced show performed inside the Desert Grill

The Mirage Canteen - I was fortunate to capture this show on film as it didn't run for long and the day I was at the park it wasn't scheduled to play as it was a new show replacing Moroccan Roll which had been playing at the Marrakesh Theatre for the past few years. This recording was the first public performance of the show - the majority of the crowd were reserve cast performers and family of performers as with it not being advertised no one knew it was on. Once the thriving “hot spot” in Marrakesh, the canteen is now frequented only by a few locals who vaguely remember its glimmering heyday and gather to hear the piano player recall the songs of a bygone era.

Moroccan Roll - My favourite Busch Gardens show of all time - great Rock n Roll songs together with colourful costumes and dance routines.

International Celebration - This musical features songs and costumes from countries around the world, hence it's title, climaxing with a song about the good old US of A. Filmed inside the Desert Grill the audio didn't do the show justice.

Christmas Celebration - It's Christmas time and time to celebrate. Join Santa and the elves along with a few friends as everyone sings and dances along to classic Christmas numbers. Performed inside the Desert Grill this is a nice show to relax to whilst tucking into your lunch.
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