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Theme Park Shows is a UK fan based website which offers links to my YouTube collection of theme park show edits which I've recorded and created over the years following trips to Florida. Whilst my ultimate aim is to be able to provide totally free access to all my shows. For those located within the United Kingdom, for a small fee I can supply DVD's containing the shows I recorded prior to 2015 however with this being a non profit site, you are more than welcome to download the shows directly from YouTube and then burn them to a DVD yourself - see the Delivery Information page for further information on how to do this. Shows recorded from 2015 onwards are only available via YouTube as I switched to recording in 3D Blu-ray and stopped creating the DVD versions.

All footage contained on these DVDs, and the uploads on YouTube, is that which I've recorded myself and I make it a strict rule not to record any shows where the parks prohibit the use of videotaping for copyright reasons. As this is a non-profit operation the DVD price should you prefer the hard copy, will always be low - I simply want to give those who aren't able to travel to Florida a chance to see the shows, as well as provide an opportunity for those who weren't able to record the shows whilst they were on holiday a chance to own a memoir of their holiday.

You Tube - Within the site you will find a detail page for each DVD I've created over the years and on those pages you will find a 'Watch Here' link for those shows I've uploaded to YouTube - Most shows are now available on YouTube.
Reminder: My DVDs can only be sent to addresses in the UK so please do not submit orders if you live outside of the UK. Whilst I would love to share my memories globally, I was advised by Disney UK to limit the sharing on physical media to the UK to ensure I didn't fall foul to any international copyright rules. If you are thinking of buying a DVD please remember to refer to the Recording Info section for details on the DVD conversion process as the DVD quality in some cases will not be as high as that on YouTube as with YouTube I am able to upload HD versions of the recent shows whereas DVD's will always be the old SD format.
Pricing - If you would prefer a physical DVD, the current cost to produce & post is £5.25 each which includes the postage cost (2nd class) - 1st class is available at extra cost but these days 2nd class can be as quick as 1st class.
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