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Christmas - 2014

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The total viewing time of this DVD is approx 3h 24 mins and on the disc you will find the following shows:

Main Street Trolley Show (Watch Here)
Once Upon A Christmastime Parade (Day) (Watch Here)
Lexie Walker Sings 'Let It Go' (Watch Here)
Hogwarts Frog Choir - Christmas Edition (Watch Here)
Alex & Sierra Sing ' Love Is An Open Door' (Watch Here)
Macy Holiday Parade - Character Dances (Watch Here)
Move It, Shake It, Dance It, Play It (Watch Here)
Macy Holiday Parade (Watch Here)
Celebrate The Season (Watch Here)
Frozen Holiday Wish (Watch Here)
Osbourne Spectacle Of Dancing Lights (Watch Here)
Holiday Illuminations (Watch Here)
Holiday Wishes (Watch Here)
Totally Tomorrowland Christmas (Watch Here)
Once Upon A Christmastime Parade (Night) (Watch Here)
Operation Bright (Watch Here)

Main Street Trolley Show - Take a musical trip down Main Street with this Christmas themed show performed by the residents of Main Street, USA

Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade (Day) - This is the Magic Kingdoms special Christmas parade which usually is seen at night during the special Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party event however it can also be seen during the day time in the week leading up to Christmas and this is from one of the daytime recordings

Lexie Walker Sings 'Let It Go' - Youtube sensation Lexie Walker performs 'Let It Go' at Walt Disney World

Hogwarts Frog Choir - Christmas Edition - An acapela performance by the students of Hogwarts as they perform a mixture of traditional tunes from the Harry Potter movie mixed with a Christmas theme

Alex & Sierra Sing 'Love Is An Open Door' - The US X-Factor winners perform 'Love Is An Open Door' at Walt Disney World

Macy's Holiday Parade - Character Dances - Prior to the parade many of the characters hit the streets to perform festive dance routines, here are 3 of them.

Move It, Shake It, Dance It, Play It - A lively parade featuring high energy dance routines involving classic Disney characters both new and old

Macy's Holiday Parade - Universal Studios signature Christmas parade featuring balloons direct from Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and characters galore

Celebrate The Season - Staged on the Cinderella Castle Forecourt stage, this show performed during Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party celebrates the Christmas season in full featuring Mickey and friends as well as a the Magic Kingdom stage dancers. A must see for any Christmas trip.

Frozen Holiday Wish - Anna, Elsa, Kristoff & Olaf transform Cinderella's castle into an Ice Palace in this Christmas show

Osbourne Spectacle Of Dancing Lights - Soon to be a distant memory, Disney display over 1 million Christmas lights which dance to the Christmas tunes which play every evening throughout the Christmas season (Christmas 2015 will be the last showing of the lights due to the Star Wars Land expansion)

Holiday Illuminations - EPCOT's end of day laser, fountain and firework spectacular with a Christmas finale added to the end of the regular show

Holiday Wishes - By far my favourite firework display to date which really nails home the feeling of Christmas time whenever I see it. Also from Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party this firework show is set against a backdrop of Christmas tunes and has been filmed from in front of the castle to give you the full effect.

A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas - Join Haley Comet and her Tomorrowland friends Buzz Lightyear, Mike Wazowski & Stitch as they sing a selection of festive tunes whilst on the search for Santa Claus

Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade (Night) - This is the Magic Kingdoms special Christmas parade performed during the special Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party event. Unlike the daytime performance, during the Christmas Party nights snow falls along Main Street adding a little extra magic to the parade

Operation Bright - To get a good view of the Christmas Parade during the party nights involves a long wait so to keep the kids entertained Disney perform this small music & game show
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